today is my best day in my life.iam so happy today.i won  the world championship in was karlsen who was opposing me .i lost the game last time iam happy that i have took revengefor that game.last time when i was playing i was tensed.after losing game i returned home and thought then i understood that if we get tensed we cant do anything.that day only i took oath that i shant get tensed from now i would play cool and stay cool.
at last this was good.
thank god for this good day.
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Dear diary,
I was so happy today.I won the world chess tournament for the second time. I could not control my happiness at all. My parents and my relatives were so proud of me and my mom nearly cried. by this acheivement my confidence has boosted up and I am very happy for the achievement. I wish that I make my parents again proud in the next tournment also. I thank god for all this. good night.
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Wednesday                                                                                 2:35 p.m

10thseptember'2014                                                                   Delhi

dear diary,

I am very happy today as I have won the world championship for the 2nd time. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard my name. everybody congratulated me on my achievement...

ok bye, for now will write tomorrow