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The ancient human beings travel from one place to other in search  of food water etc.,it is also because the did not have permanent shelter for them to was only a past few years only they began to settle in places near rivers,lakes etc.,
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Ancient people practised a style of men going out and hunting. when the resources of food get extinct in that territory, they start migrating from that territory.  A hunter-gatherer family might have a dozen favorite campsites, with one on the seashore, one by a lake, one in the hills and one in the woods. Fish and shellfish form their seashore diet while they make baskets from marsh reeds; by the lake they may eat deer and make arrows and spears from nearby trees; in the hills they eat mountain goats and make stone tools from a deposit of obsidian; in the forest they eat birds and fill their baskets with nuts and fruits for the winter.
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