Wednesday                                                                                   2:30 p.m

10th eptember'2014                                                                      delhi

dear diary,

I am very happy today as I have won the chess championship for the second time. really I m very proud of my mind(sometimes). I was very happy when I heard my name. everybody congratulated me..

ok, bye for now. will write tomorrow


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Wednesday                                                                                                  9:30pm     13th August 2014

Toay I am very happy. Know why ? Because today in the second  world chess championship which was held in Meeut, I bagged the first prize ! You know, It was much complicated than the previous match and I had to run my brain much harder after their  (my opponent's) every move. I thought  would get the second or third prize as i was not so confident . But when they announced me as the winner, I could hardly believe my ears. My parents were very proud of me. Ah! what a day ! All right, I have to attend my school  tomorrow , so godbye for now ! 

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