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1. flower color is purple or white 2. flower position is axil or terminal 3. stem length is long or short 4. seed shape is round or wrinkled 5. seed color is yellow or green 6. pod shape is inflated or constricted 7. pod color is yellow or green

Mendel used pea plants with seven different traits: 
Pea Shape: smooth/wrinkled 
Pea Pod Shape: inflated/constricted 
Pea Color: gray/white 
Pea Pod Color: green/yellow 
Plant Height: tall/short 
Pea Albumin Color: yellow/green 
Leaf Position: axial/terminal
3 5 3
Mendel selected the following seven characters for his experiment on pea plants
1)flower colour-purple and white
2)flower position-axil and terminal
3)seed colour-yellow and green
4)seed shape-round and wrinkled
5)pod shape-inflated and constricted
6)pod colour-green and yellow
7)stem length-tall and dwarf
1 5 1