There are many uses of gadgets in our day to day life.
1.Mobile:It connects people which lives far away from each other.
2.Computer: For the sake of entertainment. (like playing games , watching movies etc)
3.Television: Also for the sake of entertainment.
4.Iron: For removing lines which comes on washing of clothes.
5.Air Conditioner: For cooling homes , offices etc much faster than as compared to fans , coolers.(also gadgets)
6.Room Heater: For heating room in winter.
                           AND MUCH MORE
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Yes, Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives Yes, we have become overly dependent on technology. While it obviously has it's uses and we certainly live better for it. The accessibility to information that technology brings and dependency one it means that people, especially the younger generations tend to be at a loss without it. When people forget their phone and do not have it on their person, they often feel the phantom vibrations of the phone that is not there, much like a lost limb. There is less of a need to maintain knowledge when it is a mere google-search away; learn a language when we can just use automated translators and pocket-dictionaries; and, maintain normal social interactions when the majority of our friendships are maintained online. Removed from recent technology today for a week or for a month, we would find it hard to cope with the loss of the resources and shortcuts it provided us, something older generations who remember a time without house-to-house electricity would have no trouble doingGood and Bad Although technology benefits our lives greatly, it can go a bit too far. My cousins potty-trained their kids by letting them sit on the toilet for a half an hour watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on their iPhones. Isn't that a little ridiculous? Haha I think there are limits to tech and we should use them..