A cart is stuck in the mud..the farmer sees the sky and shoutts
farmer : o lord! i am your child. please help me from this disaster.
god : ( no answer)
farmer : (more loudly) oh mighty one ! if you do not take it out who will help me.
God : (no answer)
Farmer : (more loudly) oh god! please appear and help me or else i shall die.
God: please do not kill yourself for this simple reason.
Farmer : Why are you not helping me ? i have to reach the village in time or else my hard work will go waste.
God : put your shoulders to the wheels. never pray to me until you have tried your best to help yourself.
Farmer : i shall try.. (he pushes it and he succeeds)
God: always help yourself to your strength before you call me.
Farmer : i will never forget this my lord!