In a family of 3 children, the probability of having atleast one boy is
a.)7/8 b.) 1/8 c.)5/8 d.)3/4

SIr,I got the answere... answere is 3/4. Solution to the question is:- No.of probality i.e. sample space is ( BBB,GGG,BBG,GGB).. B=boy,Girl=G we want atlest one boy so.... 3/4.... Thanks you opended my eye to
yo tukka mara sahi ho gya.............:D
no... Divyak I know . i study that chapter thorouly again and consulted my teaches and pannel of expert of topper! and i got the answere.I didn't said blind answere i know the reason behind the same
arrey i was talking about myself
mera exam me tukka sahi ho gya


The correct option is d) 3/4

how cn u say dat its 3/4 plz explain
its 7/8
plz explain
Hello,I hope you will not mind. This question is from ICSE self study book. And as per my knowledge this question wrong. I have consulted my teacher,paresnt and panel of expert of subject from topper regarding the same. As we aren't told how much childeren they have so it's difficult to tell at leat one boy.