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Hard work mean we work for achieving our goal sincerely ourselves. We do not exploit the situations and we do not cheat others to achieve our goal.  

Hard work does not mean labour work and physical work only.  People who do a lot of brain work also are working hard.

Many people want to achieve big tasks and become famous with out struggling and doing the hard work. They think it is easy and they can manage it.  Also, people think that it is luck that pushes people forward. 

It is true that some people have better opportunities, facilities, position, luck etc. that helps them to reach the top. But to stay at the top position, they need the talent, knowledge, and determination also.

So, it is advisable to learn everything by oneself, and do the work oneself, without depending on luck, for all the tasks we have to do.  Then we never lose that knowledge and we gain more confidence. What we gain by luck could leave us and we may be in difficulty then. But what we learnt and achieved through hard work, always stays with us.

So, help from others, luck, cheating, exploitation can be substitutes for hard work. But they are only temporary.  For our permanent good, there is no substitute for hard work.

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