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To: [email protected]
From:[email protected]
Subject: Increasing danger to environment due to tourism.
Respected sir,
                   Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw your attention towards the danger of tourism on the environment.
                   I'm a citizen of this city. I would like to say that the tourism is increasing day by day. Recently I visited Ganga river, it was a nice place but I was shocked to see too much pollution caused by the devotees. They were taking bath in the river, they were throwing ashes of the died people. Even the worst part I saw was that some of the Saints were dumping the body of a died people with lots of flowers directly in the river after doing some kinds of rituals. How silly is that to leave someone's body whom you loved too much before he died on the banks of the river! I know that these are the rituals that we need to follow but we also need to take care of the river whom we call our mother, then how can we ourself pollute our own mother river. Tourists have made the beautiful place so much dirty that it is loosing it's beauty day by day. Hard to think about how to stop all these but solution there a solution for every problem.
                I hope that you will show your concern on this topic and present it before the people of India to make them aware.
Thanking you

Yours sincerely
xyz         (Any name.) 
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this is what needed
thnx and ur welcome!