A)Once upon a time there was a thirst crow flying above the skies roaming in search of water after sometime he saw a pot that was partially filled with water, he was excited and his thirst for water increased but when he came close to the pot he realized that the pot wasn't filled with water properly so he flew off and went to search for a sharp edged stone, after a long time of search he found one, he was about to die but kept his faith on the stone, he made a hole on the pot and drank the water and was at last at peace.

B) Once there was a very proud rabbit, he thought that he was his jungle's fastest animal. One fine morning he saw a tortoise passing by, he saw how slow the tortoise was and mocked him telling the tortoise that he was very slow and that he could defeat the tortoise instantly, the tortoise said " don't be so proud of your reflexes i could beat you easily."then said the rabbit "oh really then lets have a match tomorrow" "fine!" said the tortoise.Early morning  the race started the rabbit underestimated the tortoise and said "why don't you go first" "alright said the rabbit
the tortoise went forward and forward but the rabbit didn't and hours later the tortoise won the race while the rabbit didn't even have a clue what had happened. 

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A very thirsty crow was flying in the sky. Then he saw some pot kept by a woman who had filled it till its half. He soared down the sky and came to drink water. But it was unknown to the crow that it was till its half. Then he sat on the rim of the vessel and saw it till its half. Then instead of putting pebbles by pebbles he saw a straw at some distance. He flew,picked it up and began to put it in water and drink it. Then his thirst got lost and he flew off again.

Once upon a time, there were two friends, a hare and a tortoise. They always wanted to be ahead of each other so the hare called upon a race.
The race was to be held between them and the target was the riverside.
The race began and as we know the hare ran faster than the tortoise. Then he felt tired and he took a small nap beneath a tree. Then when his eyes opened the tortoise was nowhere to be seen! The hare looked at the finishing line and saw the tortoise was almost there then the hare was determined to win the race. He just gathered up energy and ran with all his speed. To the tortoise dismay the hare had defeated him.
Thus the hare proved that determination is more required than to be slow and steady.