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Thirsty CrowOnce there was a crow that was very thirsty. It saw a pot on the terrace of a building.
It looked inside the pot to see whether there is any water left. 
Yes! There was little water at the bottom.
He remembered the story of the clever crow that had picked up small stones and put inside the pot to raise the water level up.
The crow too looked around for small stones. Unfortunately there were no stones around.
It was too tired to fly down to bring stones.
It looked around and saw an old sofa lying at the other end of the terrace.
It seems some one had discarded it as its spring and sponge had come out.
It tried to pull out the springs but no success.
The crow thought, "If I put the sponge in the pot it will absorb all the water and I won't get even a single drop of water."
But the crow was determined to get the water from the pot? But how? 
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A very thirsty crow was flying in the sky. Then he saw some pot kept by a woman who had filled it till its half. He soared down the sky and came to drink water. But it was unknown to the crow that it was till its half. Then he sat on the rim of the vessel and saw it till its half. Then instead of putting pebbles by pebbles he saw a straw at some distance. He flew,picked it up and began to put it in water and drink it. Then his thirst got lost and he flew off again.