independence day is an ospicious day for all the Indians as our country became independent from the rule of the cruel british who made us work the whole day. we Indians fought against the british bravely. some great & brave leaders were-

1. lal bahadur shastri

2. mahatma Gandhi

3. pandit Jawaharlal Nehru etc.

on this day there is a national holiday for all. all the banks, offices, schools etc. are closed. the prime minister hoists the flag. we salute to these brave soldiers who gave their lives for the country.

                                                  'jai hind'

On this day we hold and hoist the memories of those who shed their blood for our independance....Our leaders maybe dead...its time we the next generation take up the future of our country in our hands...we have the same blood of those great leaders who sacrificed themselves for diverse is our country and how strong we are...we must develop that pride of being an Indian....Oh! when we see the parades on the independance day how proud we feel and we feel the blood boil in our veins...we salute you India!