James: Hey Jacob, you are not concentrating in the classes these are having fun in those back desks...its not good.
Jacob: Dude, you don't know how much fun we had there! we cracked jokes...laughed at the teachers and ate snacks in between the must come and join us next time....
James: No Jacob, No! you have fallen in a bad company of you know what happens if you put a good apple among rotten ones..?.
Jacob: What happens?
James: It too gets you better take back to your good old self...
Jacob:Okay....I get it...i am not going to join their company from now on.
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F1: Hi F2! Didn't you get punishment from the teacher today?
F2: Yes. It was because I and my new friends bunked the class and the teacher caught us.
F1: Oh! That is really bad. Who are your new friends?
F2: Don't you know the most wild gang in the school? I am with them. Today they've planned to bunk the class and go somewhere else with me! We've planned many things like pizza, burgers and even a night party with students from other schools. It's going to be so much fun! Are you joining?
F1: No! I will never do that.
F2: Why? Come on lets enjoy!
F1: No, F2, we are just kids. We must never do that. Let's get a bit more older. You know that those guys are bad ones and you are going into bad company.If you go with them in this young age it will affect you in the future! And remember your parents would be disappointed in you. You will be a rotten kid when you get older!
F2: Oh! I have never thought of that! From now I will stop being friends with them and I would be a good boy.
F1: Very good. Come, lets go.
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