" we understand and remember less from a hyper linked text, and we experience less emotional depth from a hyper linked life "

from technology a student can do his homework much easily then he did without it. they can also find anything online instead of visiting a library.
         they can also stay in touch after school on the internet .
Today  a student can communicate with his classmate or any other friend across the world in an instant , meet the shortcoming of their work ,   
           technology gives students  immediate access to an abundance of quality information which leads to learning at much quicker rates
                         there are plenty of resourceful, website available on the internet. online learning is now accredited and has changed the way we view education earlier

i think these all may help u
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Now a days technology developed....
so every one knows how to use...
even students can communicate every where from the world....
even students can do their works easily....
their home works....etc
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