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A very thirsty crow was flying in the sky. Then he saw some pot kept by a woman who had filled it till its half. He soared down the sky and came to drink water. But it was unknown to the crow that it was till its half. Then he sat on the rim of the vessel and saw it till its half. Then instead of putting pebbles by pebbles he saw a straw at some distance. He flew,picked it up and began to put it in water and drink it. Then his thirst got lost and he flew off again.
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It was summer season. Water scarcity was the main problem faced in that village. Time was noon. The sun shines above every heads. At that time a thirsty crow was sitting on a branch in search of something to overcome his belly's cry. He was feeling thirsty as well as hungry. Suddenly he saw a pot in front of a well. He thought that he could get some thing to drink from that pot since it was near a well. He went there and looked at the pot. It was having almost half of the water. He entered his beaks in to it, but he couldn't even touch the top of water. He felt disappointed and began to think of some solution. He suddenly noticed a flat plate near the pot. He thought that if he could make the water fall on it from the pot, then he could easily drink that. But it was impossible for the crow to to shake that pot. He suddenly saw a dog who was searching for something to have . Crow went near the dog
   "hey looks like searching for food"
  " yeah crow...i m searching for some thing to eat....atleast a drop of water is enough for me now...or else i will die in this hot day. "
crow got happy hearing this. He told dog his plan and dog promised crow to help him in shaking pot. But dog to want water. Crow promised of sharing the water with doggy. Dog went near the pot and just pushed it . Pot just fell down. As crow thought the water fell on the flat plate. Crown and dog easily drank water from that flat plate. They happily went after drinking water
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