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Once upon a time, there were two friends, a hare and a tortoise. They always wanted to be ahead of each other so the hare called upon a race.
The race was to be held between them and the target was the riverside.
The race began and as we know the hare ran faster than the tortoise. Then he felt tired and he took a small nap beneath a tree. Then when his eyes opened the tortoise was nowhere to be seen! The hare looked at the finishing line and saw the tortoise was almost there then the hare was determined to win the race. He just gathered up energy and ran with all his speed. To the tortoise dismay the hare had defeated him.
Thus the hare proved that determination is more required than to be slow and steady.
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In a forest lived a hare and a tortoise. Hare always wanted to defeat the tortoise. For that they made a race once. Both started the race, but with in seconds the hare made a great lead. He thought that the poor tortoise is not going to overcome him any ways. So he thought of taking rest. Between the hare fell a sleep . He woke up after some time and realized that tortoise reached near the finishing point. Hare went really bad. But he thought of completing the race any way. He ran with all his power. Tortoise was really a poor one. He loved his friend hare after all. H e thought that if he wins this race his friend is gonna face a big  failure and everyone are gonna mock him. Because, everyone knew that hare could easily defeat the small tortoise. So tortoise thought of waiting for his friend . Within minutes hare reached with tortoise. He found that tortoise was waiting for him. He felt really bad . He felt guilty on making competitions with his friend.  He thought that...he should leave this game for his friend tortoise. At last both friends jointly completed the race. At last they both won the race. And there after they began to live as best friends for ever without any competitions in between
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