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Linux is a UNIX- based, freely distributed, & open source OS.Open source refers to a program whose source code is freely available on the internet.This source code is open to modification by anyone who uses it.UNIX,LINUX,GNU are 3 OSs based on an open source code.UNIX is a multiuser & multitasking OS.It is purely governed by The Open interfaces & behaviors  of all the mandatory functions, such as memory locking.priority scheduling  & shared memory. A user can modify this originally created source code as per the requirement without seeking permission from its creator.The only limitation of freely available source code is that the changes that are made in the original source code are to be redistributed over the internet.The Linux OS can be installed on any computer having x86-compatible microprocessors.

Q. Discuss the standard directory structure of Linux OS ?
Ans - Every OS organizes information into files.These files are stored in different containers known as directories.Directories help organize files in a computer.

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Linux is an OS (Operating System) which operates or starts the computer. It is also a OPEN SOURCE,i.e., it is available on the Internet. It is just exactly like Windows however it is a lot more advanced than it. It is a model on UNIX and GNU.

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