ASL speaking test is neither easy nor tough.
you mean it is good if we mug up the topics?
if u will prepare your topic well than it will look easy
It is very simple but if you have a very nice English go in then start introduction n then ma'am will ask you about you hobbies n then you will start with your topic n after ending you topic your partner will ask you a question n then ma'am will ask you one question related to your topic n then a topic will be given to you n your partner n then you have to discuss on it n after discussing you then have to say thank you ma'am n then leave the room
ASL speaking test is very easy if u can speak English properly . go inside confidently.they will start with your introduction,  don't think much just give your speech then ma'am will ask u a very easy question on your topic
      i think it is very easy.

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thank you for your advice.i appreciate it.