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Good morning today I Rohit is here to share my views on the topic :Science in our daily life.......
Now a days we are progressing a lot bt tht is because of what ...? its because of science. scientists are discovering new things which help in the development of our country .but the question arises that is science a boon or a bane...??

Science is a boon as it help in the development of the society but at the same time it is a bane because by that different atom bombs nuclear bombs are made due to which the nature is getting destroyed everyday. hence it depend on one that how he uses science.....

that means the conclusion is science has changed our life from a common path to a modern last I want to say that really!science has changed our life.

thank you and have a nice day!
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Respected judges and my dear friends, I am ( name ) of class () . I am here to deliver a speech on the topic "Science in everyday life".

Science has made a mark in almost everything we do. Without science life would be unimaginable. Right from the time we wake up, till the time we go to sleep, the role of science is unbelievable immense. 

Inventions like the electric fan, and the electric bulb have made our lives easier. Other inventions like the television, computers, refrigerators have made our life more comfortable.

despite the many advantages of scientific discoveries, it has also proved to be harmful by giving way to hazardous inventions like the atomic bombs and nuclear weapons.

but we must understand that "science" is always useful and helpful when it is handled by the right persons.
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