"Injury climbed the ladder today as a tragic road accident took place in (place of Accident). Report says that it was caused by one car with an overheated engine. It crashed with another Car that send a tyre across an other car's windshield which led the car out of it's way and into another car. The same car pushed the other two down a small nearby slope. All three cars then caught Fire. Few have been evacuated from the scene with major and minor Injuries. A police officer said that this was the "worst" in this city. A sum of  ₹12,000 has been provided to each injured person and authorities say that this is an Unforgettable event in history.'

                                                          THE HINDUSTAN TIMES OF INDIA

this is to inform everybody that there was a tragic road accident in Delhi. it was an accident between a car & a bus. the driver of the bus, a woman & 2 children were killed while many were injured. please drive safely