Military forces and economical related provisions defeated germany
germany was treated as the ddiktat imposed on them and they had no respect and no responsibilities for it

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The treaty of Versailles was signed on 28th June, 1919 in Paris at the palace of Versailles.

Germany had lost its prestige. It was humiliated.
Germany lost the maximum number of soldiers.

Germany had to return the land and regions it had occupied. Many of its colonies were taken away by the League of Nations. It lost Alsace-Lorraine, Eupen, Malmedy, Schleswig, Hultschin, West Prussia, Posen, Upper Silesia, Saar, Danzig, and  Memel.

Germany’s military was reduced. Restrictions were imposed on it. Germany was forced to reduce its battleships, it could not have submarines and it was not allowed to possess air force.

Germany was forced to accept responsibility for all the damage of the World War 1.  

Germany lost its financial advantage and it loss the coal supplies.

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