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Childhood is the most beautiful period in anyone's life because of the lack of responsibilities one has during this period. When the period itself is beautiful, it is needless to say that the memories one has during this period will be beautiful too.
stepping into school for the first time, fighting with friends are really some unforgettable experiences in ones childhood.

although we may not be able to exactly remember what happened during the first day of our school we still remember it in traces. Kids generally cry on the first day of school but after they realise the importance and fun of school life,every step from there becomes sweeter and more exciting.

the trips and tours conducted by schools are extremely enjoyable and such memories will always remain green in my mind. Learning to ride a cycle, the falls we have while trying to balance , the pain we get after falling may all sound very simple but after we grow up they turn out to be memories which are unforgettable.

getting into squabbles with our best friends, not apologizing owing to our ego but finally patching up and standing by each other's side are some of the best memories in anyone's' childhood and honestly they've been the best memories in my childhood too!