Younger sister : oh my god ! i dont know why on the earth do they cut power frequently in our area!
elder sister: yes sister ! it is all because of lack of power generating sources in our country.
younger sister: ooh! but what are the power generating sources sister ?
elder sister: they are the sources of energy which can be utilised to generate electricity like hydel power stations, thermal power stations, etc.
younger sister :but why are these lacking in our country sister ?
elder sister : it is because we humans,have greed filled mind sets .we are never happy with what we have !we always try to earn more of more .and hence, we humans, have used almost all of our major resources at a time .
younger sister : so, how can we save electricity sister?
elder sister: simple!! firstly,all of us must remember that power is never permanent . no one knows when it can be vanished . and next, all of us must adhere strictly to the 2R's : REDUCE and RECYCLE .
younger sister : ok sister ! from today , i promise you that i will try to follow the 2D's and will save power .
elder sister: very good ! that is the spirit of my sister ! i am really proud of you dear!