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We all know that we entered 20th century which means a technical world. we transformed from active personalities to the most laziest. many new equipments helps us in many ways, but we don't think of the adverse affects on our body when we stick to such equipments. we started the utilization of modern electronic gadgets in such a way that we forget about the outer world. we forget ourselves. we became such dependent by these gadgets and equipments. the common example is that we wait for the lift for a long time but never think of going on steps. 10 in 100 think of doing so. this laziness leads to many problems. a research said that listening music with earphone damages your hearing. this hearing in ear phones is which our whole youth do. by this we can't know what we're doing. we can't catch the points of others that easily like before. one more thing is obesity. sitting more on tv's, pc's and mobiles leads to such thing. so pls be careful while using gadgets. using and learning for a limited time is good, but sticking to it is dangerous. 
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