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Availability of safe water.Better health facility.Availability of electricity.Planting more trees and giving punishment to those who cut trees for their profits.Cleaning of Society from dust , polythene bags , mud etc.
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proper maintaining of roads,water supply,electricity,police patrolling,etc.
I will take the following steps for the development of our locality : 1. Government should provide loans for farmers. 2.government should provide land for landless 3.government should construct houses for poor people 4.government should provide perfect roads for our locality.1) The value attached to the statement is that it’s not enough to merely avoid corruption. 
2) Even if there is no corruption in policies followed by the government, a mechanism to fight corruption and all deviations in process must exist. 
3) In all such cases, the guilty parties must be brought to justice. This will ensure development gains are shared by many. Often this will cause vested interests to turn against the government any destabilize the democratic process. 
4) The government has to ensure enforcement and developments go hand in hand.

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