The three organs of the state are:-

1. legilature
2. executive
3. judiciary

legeslature-it refers to our elected representatives 

executive-it is a smaller group of people who are responsible for implementing laws and running the goverment.

judiciary-it refers to the system of courts in a country.
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The three organs of the state are -


legislature -
1) it is organ of the state responsible for making laws , amending them etc.
2) it consists of 2 parts - the lok sabha and rajya sabha 

1 )it helps in the enforcement of laws. 
2) it is what we commonly  call our government , i.e. , the president , prime minister , ministers and mla(s)
3) even the police is a part of the executive

1) it deals with the people who breaks laws and punish them accordingly
2) there are 3 types of courts - district court , state court , supreme court              
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