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VESTIGIAL ORGANS:- These are the organs which an organism posses because the organism have inherited them from their ancestors but there is no role of these organs in present life of the organism. Ex:- 1.In humans appendix act as a vestigial organ 2.In human eye there is a membrane called nictating membrane it is a vestigial organ for humans but not for birds   
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during the course of evolution some organs remains is organisms.we have studied about appendix in the digestive human beings it has no role to play in the process of digestion.but in herbivores like rabbit appendix plays an important role.such type of organs which are not useful in animals are called vestigial organs.
there are nearly 180 vestigial organs in human beings. for example pinna,hair on skin, mammary glands in men,etc. that's why human beings are said to be moving museum of vestigial organs.