Availability of safe water.

Better health facility.

Availability of electricity.

Planting more trees and giving punishment to those who cut trees for their profits.

Cleaning of Society from dust , polythene bags , mud etc.

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Locality development is community-building through improving the process by which things get done. ___Locality development creates an infrastructure for community activism and action. ___Locality development emphasizes positive action on the part of a whole community. Why should you engage in locality development? ___Locality development breaks down barriers within the community by encouraging and improving communication among all individuals and groups in the population. ___Locality development brings together people who normally have no contact, and defines the community as including all of them. ___Locality development lays a solid base for community support of activism around issues of importance. ___Locality development helps individuals and groups acquire new skills and knowledge. ___Locality development brings forth the natural leaders from within the community. ___Locality development encourages the community to identify its own resources and understand its own strengths. ___Locality development makes the community self-sufficient and able to identify and solve its own problems.  
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