I think magnets are usually made out of nickle cobalt & iron
is made of magnesia(magnesium)

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Fill in the blank:  Ferromagentic metals and alloys.

Strongest permanent magnets are nowadays made of Neomagnet alloy.

In these days permanent magnets are made of alloys of metals and ferromagnetic materials. Some are :

   alloy of Aluminum, Nickel and Cobalt  called Alnico magnets
   alloy of Iron, Boron and rare earth metal Neodymium  called Neodymium
         magnets or neomagnets Nd_2 Fe_{14} B
   alloy of Rare earth material  Strontium and Iron.
   alloy of Rare earth metal Samarium and cobalt form an alloy

These are better than magnets made from metals in terms of strength, longevity etc.

Ferromagnetic metals:  Iron Fe,  Cobalt  Co,  Nickel  Ni, Ferric oxide Iron III oxide Fe₂ O₃ , Boron

Rare Earth Metals:  Gadolinium Gd, Samarium Sm,  Neodymium Nd,              Praseodymium   Pr