Physical properties of metals
* they are hard
* they are ductile
* they are malleable
* they are zonorous
* they are good conductors of heat and electricity
* they have high melting and boiling point
* they have high density.
      physical properties of non metals
* they are soft
* they are non ductile
* they are non malleable
* they are non zonorous
* they are bad conductors of heat and electricity 
*they have low melting and boiling point
* they have low density
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1.) All metals are hard, except sodium which can be cut with a knife.
2.) All metals have high melting point except mercury which melts in hand.
3.) All metals have high ignition temperature, except sodium and pottasium which      burn in contact with air.
                                                NON METALS
1.) All non metals are bad conductors of electricity, except graphite.
2.) All non metals are brittle/soft, except diamond.
3.) All non metals are non lustrous, except iodine.
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