'J' comes across as an intelligent man with a wonderful sense of humour.He is a hypochondriac i e someone who believes he is ill and needs treatment.He fusses about little things and visits his doc at the slightest sign of illness.When it comes to doing work he sounds lazy.He declares that he does not like sitting idle when others do work.But when work is done he'd rather like to supervise and give instructions than doing the work.The power of obsevation he displays is tremendous.As a narrator he has a vivid manner of describing things and his eyes for details add charm to novel.He is a loyal and trustworthy friend.As an author his language and style of writing is very poetic.
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Harris- he justĀ  pretends to be a hard working person but at the end usually pushes off the burden on other people.He is a very frank person he will tell his friends what he thinks about them even if it feel unpleasant.When Harris takes on a job he makes a huge fuss like the narrator's uncle Podger. He is a short tempered person ,when he gets angry his friends let him rant of his anger because if someone would go and talk to him it would get worse, he is found of graveyards and tombs which the author dislikes.
George- he was a clerk in a bank and lived in the back room of the same house.
George: he was a clerk in a bank and lived in the back room of the same house.They 'chummed ' together for some years - both shared a love of the theatre -and a life-long friendship was formed. George, who remained a bachelor, rose to become manager of Barclays Bank in the Strand and outlived.
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