Fashion is that what you wear in your daily life, if it is proper and looks fabulous on you it is a fashion for you and if it is funny and does not suits you, then it is still a fashion in nowadays.
The trend of wearing new clothes is working since history times. The people created more and more new designed cloths for the people to look more better and fabulous. In India, early clothes were meant to wear for protecting one's body and covering it up. The people in India wore only their traditional clothes like-Dhotis, pyjamas, sarees and salwar-suit etc. Later after the Britishers came to India some people sarted to copy their fashion. This led to increase of interest in wearing stylish and gentlemen type clothes in India started and is lasted till today.
Now India is too gaining importance in the fashion industry and competing with other countries. Today the fashion is not at all a trend but it has become a need of an hour. If your clothes are not proper or if your clothes are not according to the current trend then you may feel that you are nothing in this world. Every old, men, women, child and teen is in the race of looking better than others.
This temptation of getting into the Fashion Trend has changed the fashion. 
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Change in life is like spices in food. Change makes life worth living. The desire to change is a human instinct.One fashion today is declared as outdated by another tomorrow. They are always moving. Changing fashion is a universal process.No race, nationality is a hindrance in its move. Mostly in oriental countries fashions infiltrate from western countries where fashions are born and brought up.The most significant role is played by film industry in changing fashions. Common masses wears the dresses that actors nearby villages and help the villagers in farming and sanitation. It will be the best form of recreation and light instruction.“Vacation is just the period when students’ minds should be free for self-help and original development”.The village work is the best service to our motherland. If our villages progress, India will automati­cally progress.
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