English Fair
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An English Fair was conducted recently in (your school name).It was conducted on the school grounds.It was a very huge and grand fair.The whole fair was totally dedicated for English.The fair was held for 3 days in the school grounds.The whole plan of the fair was done by the English faculty of our school. But it was executed with the help of the computer science teachers, librarians and the P.E.T teachers of the school.It was inaugurated by the director of our school, Mr./Mrs.(name of the person).The chief editor of The Hindu newspaper,Ms.Malini Parthasarthy was the chief guest of the fair.32 schools from all over the city had joined the fair.Many famous schools also took part in the fair.There were different types of models which represented the origin of English,the spreading of English all over the world,great writers and poets etc.All the models were fabulous and enchanting.On the third day, prizes were given to the best models and to our pride, the first prize was won by our school models."This was conducted to bring an enlightenment to the students about the greatness of English" says the HOD of English department.