Good morning to one and all. i am (your name) going to say a few words on global warming.
global warming has become a great danger for the people of the earth. we can say that global warming is at our doorstep. once we open it, we vanish. global warming has been occurring since the globalization and industrialization. the industries release harm gases. the green house gases are also a major contributor to global warming. global warming increases the temperature of the earth which leads to melting of the glaciers. due to this, methane gas is evolved which destroys the ozone layer. there is a very big hole in the ozone layer on top of Antarctica. due to this, the pattern of the seasons also change. if global warming is not stopped then there will be a day when there will be no ozone layers, no specific seasons, the last tree cut, the last river poisoned, the little fragment of land left and we will think " oh what did i do !"
Thank You !!!                      i hope this helps.
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