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Helen Keller :- She was an eager and emotional child having self asserting disposition. She was very sensitive to touch and motion.
Arthur H. Keller :- He was Helen's father. He was a very loving man who was devoted to his home. He was fond of gardening.
Kate Adams :- She was Helen's mother . She was a loving and caring mother. She helped her daughter at every step
Viny :- She was a old nurse. She was a responsible person who saved Helen from fire.
Miss Sullivan :- She was a dedicated teacher. She was a very understanding lady.She used to read books for Helen
Mr Anagnos :- He was a rude and practical person having bitter attitude.
Bishop Brooks :- He preached of love and brotherhood. He left an impact on Helen's mind and gave a real sense of joy.
Dr. Edward Everett Hale :- He was a wise and Sympathetic human being. He was a good friend and a true inspires.

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all the characters
only viny and Dr Edward Everett