(your place),
Dear friend,
           I am fine here.Ihad recieved your letter yesterday.

           I am glad that u r coming 2 India! As a friend its my responsibility to welcome u gealtly.I will try my best 2 help u on your visit. Trust me. 
           convey my regards 2 aunt n uncle,
                                                                                                 yours loving friend,
                                                                                                      (your name).

(you friend name),
opp.2 Berghof,

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Christian Douglas                                                   16th September, 2014
Berlin                                                                       Hyderabad

Dear Christian

      I hope you are in good spirits and health.  I received your letter and have noted the details. Its welcome that you are visiting India with your family. I noted your itinerary of your tour. I will receive you in Hyderabad at the airport and will take care of your stay in the city. I will take care of your visit to all touristic spots in the city. I will book tickets with the local tourism department.

     I have contacted the tourism representatives and asked them to facilitate your visits to various touristic destinations in India. They have agreed. I have obtained a lot of information regarding various destination and interesting places. I am enclosing with this letter all the details. Reply with what you want to do. Then we will finalize your program.  I will accompany all of you to Bombay, Bangalore and Chennai.
   I have friends in these cities and they are ready to extend their help and guidance during our visit.

   Looking forward to meeting you soon, and to your reply,