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how are you??? i m fine. i got your birthday invitation card yesterday but unluckily I can't come a we are going out. I wanted to come but I couldn't because I can't stay at home alone. happy birthday in advance. thanks

your friend,

( your name)

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e r no thanks
sry we
an advice Paridh. when answering questions in English please give attention to grammar and typing mistakes. u mixed past tense and present tense. hope u understand.

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   Arjun Rai                                                                   Hyderabad
  @brainly street, Brainly city                                 15th September, 2014

Dear Arjun,

    I received your invitation for the celebrations of your forthcoming birthday on the 19th of this month. I am very happy to receive your invitation. It is very nice of you to remember me on this occasion. I wish you heartily in advance for "A Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns of the Day."

   Unfortunately, I am busy at the moment due to my commitments at my office as inspections by the head office representatives are going on. I am indisposed for a week. I promise to attend your function without fail in future. Wishing you again for a Happy Birthday,

Yours Sincerely