Algae is used in blue and red litmus paper to find out the nature of a particular substance whether the substance is acidic or basic. They are usually prevented from decaying because if it is exposed to air it may form molds.
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Algae help us in fixing carbon dioxide. about half of the carbon dioxide on earth is fixed by algae. They increase the amount of oxygen on earth.They are the primary producers of energy rich components which forms the basic of food cycles of all aquatic animals. certain marine brown and red algae produce large amount of hydrocolloids. Agar, one of the commercial product obtained from gelidium and gracileria are used to grow microbes  and in preparations of ice-creams and jellies. Chlorella and spirullina are unicellular algae, rich in proteins and are used as food supplements even by space travellers.
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what is penultimate and ultimate shells in chemistry?
penultimate shell means the shell jst before the last shell
You could say that the 3rd shell, in this case, is the ultimate shell.
i was nt aware of ultimate shell