Mujhe profit and loss aur percentage wale questions me problem hoti hai please help me.

hey, dont worry, ill help u, just message me some sums and tell me what part u find difficult
i can also help you because i am expert in profit and loss
me too, kinda :P
which type of questions


Cost price = C.P
Selling price = S.P
Profit = P; Profit percent = P%
Loss = L; Loss percent = L%

When S.P > C.P, than a profit occurs
Therefore, P = S.P - C.P
and P% = P/C.P x 100

When C.P > S.P, than a loss occurs
Therefore, L = C.P - S.P
and L% = L/C.P x 100

If profit percent and C.P is given, than
P = (P% /100) x C.P

If loss percent and C.P is given, than
L = (L% /100) x C.P
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