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We daily see that how day by day accidents are taking place..The moment we take a look in our newspaper there is one or the other page telling about bus accident,car accidents or even train accidents....I mean if they will take place like this only and will increase day by day...can't we do anything????
I think we can....firstly before telling or informing others to drive safe see at your home who are driving harshly.....tell them their mistake and the consequences of accidents..yes then look at your surroundings...who are driving unsafe...say them to wear helmet..alert them to not to take more than 2 persons in a it can lead to a big accident.Say your Di and  your big brother to always take their driving license with them.,..n if they have not being made still..say them to get it made..and at last i want to say.....until you drive safe u can't reach drive safe reach safe......thanku n have a safe full sunday....
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today we see accidents occuring every where, there are many reasons resulting accidents, to control this the government should take certain actions to control this.. we should also take certain precautions to avoid accidents such as wearing helmet while riding on bike,wearing seat belt while driving in car etc,. 
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