Q.1. Read the passage carefully. Answer the questions given below: The month of June sees quite a few fires in our country. Everywhere I turn, I see fireman and fire woman. No, not that kinds that bravely save our lives from flames, but those
who believe in starting fire. I know many such fire aunties and uncles. They go
to a neighbor or relative’s house ask the teenaged child about the marks and
what course he wants to pursue, prod the parents on aren’t they trying for a more
popular alternative, and lo, ignite the spark for an argument.

Anyway I do understand that decisions about higher studies and careers are critical and all that but I can’t get my head around parents forcing kids to take up courses of their
choice. Neither do I understand why kids have become so edgy that they
sometimes refuse to see reason. The root cause of the problem is a seemingly
innocuous question we start asking kids when they can barely utter mama, papa
and susu. “Beta, what do you want to become when you grow up?” Now, at that age
with limited exposure the child is expected to say ‘Doctor’ or ‘Policeman’ or
‘Engineer’. You see he can’t answer ‘Tonsorial artist’ or ‘Hemorrhoid cream
researcher’. Okay, may be not the hemorrhoid cream one, but surely the former,
which is another name for hairstylist.


A] Choose and write the words from the passage which means the same as:

1.Causing no harm
2.Another name for hairstylist

B] Answer the following questions:

1.Who does the narrator call “fire aunties and uncles”?
2.Which decisions seem to be critical to the narrator?
3.Which innocent question do we ask the small kids?
4.What according to you is the solution for this problem?

C] Complete the following sentences:

1. This passage is about_______________________
2. Parents often force their children _______________.



A] 1.innocuos
    2. tonsorial artist
B] 1.The narrator calls "fire aunties and uncles" to the neighbours or relatives.
2. Decisions about higher studies and career seems to be difficult to the narrator.
3. The innocent question we ask the small kids is-"Beta, what do you want to become when you grow up?"
4. According to me the solution to this problem is that the child should not be pressurized for making decisions about their career at an early age and should not be forced to take fast decisions without knowing about it. The parents should allow their child to take choose career of their interest, so that they could show their best in that field.
C] 1. The problems faced by the students in choosing their careers.
2. to take up courses of their choices.
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