Now days crime are very common in india.every day we see atleast five news of crime.crimes are very common in the fields of internet.facebook is a social networking site where we can talk to our friends and even to the strangers.while talking we give our personal informations like phone number,home address etc.these informations are misused by the strangers.they may be old and dangerous criminals.they can rob or even harm us .

there are a numbers of cases of cyber crimes.excluding cyber crimes ,crimes are also happening in our houses,roads ,offices etc.girls are mainly their target.they think that girls are weak.these are actually happening because of the worse mentality of the criminals.they have been taught all these from a very early age by their friends or their close relatives.

so if the parents look after their children and not let them talk to bad people then the children would learn good things.the parents should not let their children have accounts in social networking sites at a very early age.the parents should make the children teach in such a way that they will not even think about performing any sort of crimes.this is how india will be crime free tomorrow.