Hiware bazar is known as the adarsh gram It followed certain farming practices to improve the water conservation Certain areas were demarcated as no grazing areas as grazing was permitted only in certain patches Tree falling was completely stopped They prohibited digging borewells for the purpose of irrigation They banned hunting in the forest They grew crops that are more nutritious and lucrative The villagers slowly switched from rain fed crops to cash crops
The village hosts a typical grassland ecosystem with thorny acacia species and neem tree.The village is surrounded by small hills and many continuous contour trench.

The village adopted the Adarsh Gram Yojna (AGY).Under the AGY the village under the leadership of popatroa pawar focused on restoring the natural environment around the village,mainly by adressing the problem of soil and water conservation.Due to heavy deforestation,the meagr rainfall received by the areas was lost in surface run -off.The first step were to help this water percolate into the earth,so that wells could be recharged and vegetation could grow again.