Land transportation systems have become a crucial component of modernity. By speeding up communications and the transport of goods and people, they have generated a revolution in contemporary economic and social relations.However, incorporating new technology has not come about without cost: environmental contamination, urban stress and deteriorating air quality are directly linked to modern land transport systems. Above all, transportation is increasingly associated with the rise in road accidents and premature deaths, as well as physical and psychological handicaps. Losses are not limited to reduced worker productivity and trauma affecting a victim’s private life. Equally significant are the rising costs in health services and the added burden on public finances.In developing countries the situation is made worse by rapid and unplanned urbanization. The absence of adequate infrastructure in our cities, together with the lack of a legal regulatory framework, make the exponential rise in the number of road accidents all the more worrying. The statistics show that in Brazil, 30 000 people die every year in road accidents. Of these, 44% are between 20 and 39 years of age, and 82% are men.As in other Latin American countries, there is a growing awareness in Brazil as to the urgency of reversing this trend. The Brazilian Government, through the Ministry of Cities, has put considerable effort into developing and implementing road security, education campaigns and programmes that emphasize citizen involvement. As part of this endeavour Brazil recently adopted a new road traffic code that has brought down the annual number of road deaths by about 5000. This is a welcome development that should spur us to even further progress. The challenges are enormous and must not be side stepped. This is why road security will remain a priority for my Government
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An accident has been reported which had occurred between a bus and a car and it is reported that the people in the car have been seriously injured.
The accident happened at 2 p.m. The driver of the bus said that when the traffic signal was green, he started going forward but suddenly a woman jumped on the road and to avoid hitting her he put sudden brakes. Unfortunately the car behind did not see the woman and did not expect the bus to stop then, so it went headlong and crashed onto the rear of the bus. The rear glass of the bus broke but else there was no damage and the people were safe. But the same can't be told for the people in the car. The driver and the man at in the passenger seat got serious wounds as glass pieces fell on them. As for the infant, who was in the back seat didn't get any big serious wounds, but was found lying on the floor of the car due to the impact of the accident. The three passengers of the car was rushed to the hospital and they are in the ICU now. The doctors have assured that they will be well soon.
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