How to practise to score more in maths.???.there's paper day after tomorow

If you are giving ICSE exam. Than follow 'Together With for Maths' and try out some test papers. This book is very helpful. Wish you good luck.
i am not giving icse xam bt thnks for advice
If you are from CBSE than also you can follow the same book. but instead of icse it will be cbse based. and i don't thing that the questions will be that much tough because the mock questions was very easy.
close your books for now
when its 11'O clock then open the book
and study whatever u want and don't sleep and the exam will b osam
she is giving 9th std exam !


Practise some papers which are available online
Before that go through the formulas
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To score well, it is important to complete your text book . almost the entire paper is based on it . students attending institutes and coaching centers are given different textbooks, worksheets and hangouts , this will confuse the student
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but i study in cbse school and the papers are out of the concept sometimes