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Women in vietnam traditonally enjoyed greater equality particularly among the lower classes,but their future and played no role in public life. As the nationalist movement grew, the status of women came to be questioned and a new image of womanhood emerged.writers and political thinkers began idealising women who rebelled aganist social norms in 1930s, a famous novel by Nhat Linh caused a scandal because it showed a women leaving a forced marriagr and marrying someine of her choice, someone who was involved in nationalist politics. This rebellion aganist conventions marked the arrival of the new woman in vietnamese society.
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""but they had only limited freedom to determine their future and played no role in public life.. ""plz i made a mistake in 1st para plz cortect it...
A Woman Soldier and the U.S. Vietnamese War. The Vietnamese women displayed indomitable courage during the US-Vietnamese War. They served as porters, nurses, construction workers and even as soldiers. They neutralized tens of thousands of bombs and shot down fifteen planes. They were undoubtedly of the view that the oppression of the U.S. Military force could not calm down their aspirations and they strongly believed that their victory over U.S. soldiers was certain.
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