2014-09-14T15:16:31+05:30 of light in all directions with different intensities is called scattering of light.
2.the atoms and molecules are called scattering center.
3.the angle between the incident light and a direction in which the intensity of scattered light is observed then it is called scattering angle.
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Scattering:The process in which electromagnatic radiation or particles are defected or diffused
Scattering angle:The angle through which a scattered particle or beam is deflected
Scattering center:Scattering of electromagnetic radiation is caused by the interaction of radiation with matter resulting in the re-radiation of part of the energy to other directions not along the path of the incident radiation.Scattering effectively removes energy from the incident beam.
Factors influencing scattering:atmosphere contains dust particles of different sizes.The rate of scattering depends on the size of the dust articles.
wavelength of radiation affects scattering too