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Lenin wrote the text that became April Theses while he was in exile in Switzerland; they were published when he returned to Russia in April, 1917. In February of that year Tsar Nicolas II  has been deposed and a provisional govt has been established. Lenin returned to Russia as quickly as possible after Tsar was ousted. His April Thesis were his statements of conflict with he provisional  govt and his proposals for a new governing order in Russia. The Thesis proposed:

1 that the provisional govt was the puppet of the bourgeois upper class and needed to be overthrown. 2 that the ultimate govt model needed in Russia was 'a Republic of Soviets of Workers', 'Agricultural labourers' , 3 that all privately owned farmland needed to be nationalized 4 That the proper name for the new political party formed by The Bolsheviks should be The Communist Party in recognition of the communist philosophy and organization being advocated.

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