Changes that brought under nazi role: ¤ when the chancellorship ppst was offered to hitler by president hifenberg. ¤ he dismantled the structure of democracy. ¤ he abolished civic rights. ¤he took over power and gained the ability to rule by degree. ¤ all the properties such as media,army,government offices everything came undet the nazis control
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Germany witnessed many changes during the Nazi rule. 1933, the German parliament, Reichstag passed an enabling act which gave unlimited powers to Hitler. with the help of this act Hitler got all the dictatorial powers and made decisions without consulting Reichstag.
2.with his dictatorial powers Hitler dismissed the raising of any other political party or organization. from then, membership in any other party except nazi was illegal.
3.once Nazi came to power, democracy in Germany came to halt. Germany became a one power dictatorial state. no elections were held till Hitler was defeated in second world war.
4.hilter's government orders were passed. in nuremberg, the discrimination
 against jews was legalized. jews were not allowed to take professions such as doctor or teavher. social discrimination was showed to them. many innocent jews were tortured  and killed. he even sent jews in world war 2 and killed them there. 
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