Total internal reflection occurs when critical angle is lesser thn angle of incidence.
brilliance/shining of diamonds is an example of TIR
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Primary and Secondary Rain bows are formed due to refraction and total internal reflection. You can draw a picture of the formation of rain bows with light through rain drops.

You see mirages in hot summer and in deserts due to total internal reflection. Pictures these could be interesting too with reflections from the trees.

Diamonds and other precious stones shine brilliantly due to total internal reflection. The refractive index is very high and critical angle is less. Pictures of these could be interesting.

Fiber optical communications of telecom signals are transmitted through cables using total internal reflections. So the loss of energy is very small (5%) over many kilometers. You can draw some pictures of these too.

Fish in water sees distant objects through total internal reflection.

You may make a table of critical angles of various media.